Eyes red with burnt out tears

have made lines across my cheeks

now stained with the outlines of love

which are stolen from obscurity.

For each one of us there is but one heart

to be taken, held close and smothered

with a love from within-without emotion.

What is emotion when a rage is on fire

from within the soul of the person who loves.

And what is love when the soul burns to a cinder?

Written by B R Walker

Copywriter UK 2017


Catalyst of Noise

This noise inherits me –
owns and chains my whole body.
I feel there is no escape…and yet
a few momentary steps is all I need
to exit this haven of belligerence –

This laughter I hear resembles screams
to my ears.
Tears fall like thunder from babies eyes

turning into tears of their future
before hitting the ground
to soak away

Where rivers are formed without loving
leading into the nether regions of sorrow,
for sorrow is the catalyst of no love
without love these people are ghosts.

The smell of death gets down your throat

you eat it, sleep it and wash in it daily

its in the air and I fear here and now

God has forsaken this place.

This noise inherits me –
Fortunately for me I am able to exit
this bedlam like place and enter back…
into my
realms of reality!

Written by B R Walker

Copywriter UK 2017

Crying Out Loud

You cried out from the dark

We did not listen

You spoke with God

We did not believe

The pain you bore alone was heavy

Now with God you are in peace

Written by B R Walker

Copywriter UK 2017

25 October 2017

A Memory

Death is nothing

I have only slipped away

into the room,

I am I and you are you.

Whatever we were to each other

that we still are.

Written by B R Walker

25 October 2017


I shout out over the

mantle of the world

come tell me a story

while shadows pass from light to shade.

My echo’s shatter that evil brigade.

Which is lingering as angels play

in pastures within the glade.

I have no sense of fear or fortune

all have been lost along the years

now as I stare towards the tidal moon

my body and soul they have no fears.

For I know absolution as I kneel in prayer

will succumb my soul to the mighty one

So take me I am yours as the sun it bleeds.

These eyes of mine they shed no tears, but

remember my words, and this name Khmer –

Written by B R Walker

Copywriter UK 2017

Vampires…The Sagas
These next pieces are about the creatures we all know and love to hate called Vampires.  These rather pathetic creatures who wonder the streets prying on victims…ie you and I for our blood, are really sad creatures.
They are seeking the one thing that we humans can find, but all too often discard so willingly…LOVE.
Somewhere out in the darkness is a lonely woman who can’t find human love, but when this dark stranger visits her in the night with all the power of the dark forces behind him…those luring eyes, those whispering words…what can she do but fall under his spell!  READ ON


 I danced with the Devil

we danced all night

the candles sang a tune

that sounded backwards and black

I danced with him oh what a sight…

We laughed and sang throughout

God was out there looking in –

but the door was locked

only evil and death were allowed within

I danced with the Devil

we danced all night…

only blackness within the deep

where no tears I see do weep

but only sorrow rules into the night –

Written 3 June 2013
Copywriter B. R. Walker